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Hear it while you read it…


There’s actually plenty of reasons but all of them are pertaining to MUSIC.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s count:

  1. I always judge an artist by the live performance quality and Dua Lipa definitely kills it at that field. Her voice, tunning and presence are amazing.
  2. If you have never listened to Dua Lipa I really recommend you do it. (Watch her live performance I like the most here). I’m not much of a pop lover, but I definitely LOVE well-done music and hers certainly is.
  3. Production-wise, it’s just impeccable. Everything behind the sound is just magic. (listen to the original here)

4. This is her first song, and this a very special thing for me. The fact that it is her first song and seeing all she has built after it is super inspiring. I’m currently in the process of writing my first EP, so is kind of a tribute to her career so far.

5. This song is just perfect for a cover cuz of its structure, the drum base allowed me to build on top of it and I really enjoyed the process of arranging and creating riffs for this song.

6. Last but not least, one TREMENDOUS reason why I do this cover, is cuz I, as an empirical musician that struggles for not stoping making music, because life gets in the way and prevent me from doing it as much as I want to, keeping inspiration is challenging, and thanks to her story and specifically to the See in Blue’ documentary, I definitely had some impulse and strength that filled me up with motivation. Cheesy? maybe, but artists we are sensitive to EVERYTHING: a word, congratulation, criticism, A VIDEO, etc. EVERYTHING affects us and get us thinking about this tough but beautiful career. (Watch the documentary at the end of this post.)

In summary, I am not one of those “metal-heads” who “criticize” and reject different genres, I just love music, and whatever music is well done, I’ll enjoy it.

However, something that adds up a little bit of spice to this cover is the fact that I almost never listen to new music. I’d say I “discover” just one or two artists per year, not sure why but it doesn’t bother me to listen to the same exact thing over and over.

My high school days really set the foundations for my musical taste, so it’s been almost 20 years as of now, that I’ve been listening to Metallica, Foo fighters, Linkin Park, Blink 182, Nickelback, Staind, Creed, etc., non-stop. And I really don’t feel like I wanna change 😹.

As you may guess now if you made it this far, my influences have guided my personal style to something I’d classified as Alt-metal (alternative metal) > Post-grunge. And even though I don’t like to “limit” my music with “genres”, that one seems to be the closest fit.

Anyway, I’ll let you with the video of my cover and also the live video of this song that I like the most. Enjoy!

Watch my fav live version of Hotter Than Hell by Dua Lipa

Watch ‘See in Blue – Dua Lipa’, maybe you also find inspiration here 😉

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