Finally finished writing and recording the drums for my upcoming song: Ambulances.

It took about a week, doing it part after part until I was really happy with each section.

Drums to me are not like an instrument where you sit down and improvise, except for the writing process. But once the song it’s done, to me drums are more like a bass or a guitar. Each hit has to have a purpose and it has to respect the context of the other instruments.

My favorite part about being a multiinstrumentalist is that I get to decide what to do in every instrument, and at the same time try my best to let them speak to each other in a way I like.

This video has been recorded with my Alesis DM10X, using Addictive drums onto Logic Pro X. I hope you like this video and comment if you have any questions about its production.

You can get this drum kit from Amazon right here!

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