Firstly, what are In-ear monitors?

Well they’re just basically headphones. That’s it. Bye.

No, but really, that’s all. Now the reason why they’re so important is because to a musician SOUND MATTERS! 

Non-musicians usually don’t even know or feel the difference between crappy  headphones or good ones, so that’s why I’ll explain:

  1. In ear monitors are build with several (according to the quality) drivers, it’s like a bunch of mini speakers not only in the tip that goes inside the ear but in the body of the headphone, so that way you can hear and “feel” a lot a frequencies common headphones don’t offer.
  2. The design provides comfortability and grip in performance, that way no matter how much you move, jump, fall, their shape keeps them inside.
  3. The cable has a special design also that allow you to put it behind your ears and down to your back, where the receiver from your wireless monitor system will be. It’s also detachable, so if you break it, you change it, not the whole set.

If you wanna buy them, here’s the link to the cheapest ones on Amazon:

Watch the unboxing video of my KZ ZS10 PRO In-ear monitors right here:

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