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In-ear monitors KZ ZS10 PRO

FIVE DRIVER SYSTEM – This earbuds is consist of one dynamic driver and four balanced armature drivers, to deliver a very balanced, powerful and articulate sound stage, create an unbelievable listening expeience for musicians EXQUISITE CRAFT – Headphone cavity made of 304 stainless steel metal and imported resin,creating a light luxury craft texture The metal edge is cut-proof, the overall light is elegant, and the long-term use is still shining COMPACT AND ERGOMOMIC DESIGN – lightweight, low-profile shape is designed to rest comfortably in the ears DETACHABLE CABLE WITH WIREFORM FIT – 2 pin of 0.75mm connector make it the cord wire of in-ear headphones can be removable and replaceable with other bluetooth cable ONE-YEAR WARRANTY – If you are not satisfied with our in-ear headphones, let us know and you will be offered a full refund or replacement. Enjoy this absolutely RISK FREE purchase

Hotter Than Hell (shorter version)

🔥Is not that I’m in love with Dua, is just that the stats showed me that the long intro was kinda boring to some of you, so here’s the same 🔥Hotter Than Hell cover without that long-ass intro so you can get straight to the climax.


Finally finished writing and recording the drums for my upcoming song: Ambulances.

It took about a week, doing it part after part until I was really happy with each section.

Drums to me are not like an instrument where you sit down and improvise, except for the writing process. But once the song it’s done, to me drums are more like a bass or a guitar. Each hit has to have a purpose and it has to respect the context of the other instruments.

‘Ambulances’ guitar solo FINISHED

I shouldn’t be giving out so much…
…But I’m so excited about it, that I couldn’t help it to share it with you guys.

If you’ve read my bio you’d know that I’m an empirical musician, so this kind of “achievements” means so much to me.

I’ve been writing this song for quite a long time now, between busy life, work (the boring ones) and stuff sometimes the guitar is not the priority, even though for me it always is!

Combining music and “a real job”

If you’re a musician I bet you’ve heard multiple times this kind of statements:

“You need to be famous to make a living from music”
“You should get a real job”
“The music industry is dead”
“You have to be good-looking to be successful”

Why am I doing a Dua Lipa Cover song?

There’s actually plenty of reasons but all of them are pertaining to MUSIC.

What do I mean?

Well, let’s count:

I always judge an artist by the live performance quality and Dua Lipa definitely kills it at that field. Her voice, tunning and presence are amazing.
If you have never listened to Dua Lipa I really recommend you do it. (Watch her live performance I like the most here). I’m not much of a pop lover, but I definitely LOVE well-done music and hers certainly is.
Production-wise, it’s just impeccable. Everything behind the sound is just magic. (listen to the original here)

“Ambulances” on the way

The 3rd song from my next EP is taking shape

This song is so special…
…Basically because is the first time I put a song together recently, let’s say in my “non-teenager era”. This means I’m making this song with a lot more musical knowledge, a more clearly defined style and I must say: not so influenced by metallica.

‘Unlistened’ Lyric Video Premiere

Watch it now!
After many weeks writing, editing, mixing and putting everything togeter, my first lyric video is available on YouTube and Facebook.
Read the story behind Unlistened here

The Prison

The Prison was inspired in a girlfriend I had back in 2006-2007. She was a behaved girl almost overprotected by her parents. I loved her cuz she was a sweet nice girl but…

When she finished high school and went to the university, she started to discover “the world”, the real raw world. Problem is, she saw the sweet part first: more freedom, drinks, parties and crazy stuff we do at that age.

Ruby the guitar

The Story:
In 2016 I wanted to buy a guitar, I wanted a semihollow one because I thought I’d mainly play “soft” songs, “light” songs. I’ve always been a ballad guy, so I was considering a LTD X-tone, then I got curious about the Epiphone Casino and Epiphone Dot, I really loved those designs, of course a Gibson ES-335 would’ve been a dream 😻 but I knew I could never afford it.


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