An In-Ear Monitor System is a MUST in a musician’s gear

And I know, many musicians find it difficult to play wearing one of these, however, as a multiinstrumentalist who plays BY MYSELF, I just can’t play without them



  • I don’t have a drummer carrying the tempo
  • I don’t have a drummer counting in to start a song
  • I don’t have another musician next to me to look at and nod and manage to start, stop, extend sections of a song

Then how does Pach manage those needs?

I use a piece of software called QLab (watch this video to see how it works) which allows me to play and handle many things like:

  • Count in
  • Backing tracks playback
  • Click (tempo) track payback
  • Video playback
  • Automated guitar effect switching
  • Lights automation

Yes, I know, that sounds crazy. But I don’t need a crew to handle a show for me, I can do all of that from 1 single computer, arriving a few hours earlier to a venue and setting up all of the above.

I still haven’t set it up, but I will also be able to make Qlab automate my analog guitar pedals and tube amp gear 😉

So having mentioned all of that, now you understand WHY I need an in-ear monitor system (IEM system)

If you wanna buy them, here’s the link to the cheapest ones on Amazon:

Watch the unboxing and review videos of my Anleon S2 and S2R In-ear monitor system right here:

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