Talking about myself really sucks, anyway I’ll tell you what I consider important so you can understand the how’s, why’s and what’s around my music.

The beginning

I had my first live music experience when I was about 5-6 years old. I remember this guy playing drums in a tropical orchestra in a small town I lived in the Colombian jungle.

This guy was so passionate and hit those drums so hard that it impressed me and made me feel like I wanted to do the same. I knew I had to be a musician right there!

Around those days mom took me to guitar lessons, they were meant to be only for kids 8-10 years old but I joined and succeeded, actually I was the best among them :P.

When I was about 12 I got a more “rock” guitar, I started to learn rock songs in spanish from different bands and I dedicated a lot of time to it.

A few months later, I discovered metallica, and in my teens I got really deep into it. I listened to the black album and S&M as much as I could and tried to learn the songs (no tabs, guitar pro, not even a pc and of course no internet at all)

I formed a band and started to play at the school, 2 or 3 times a year, nothing serious, with only acoustic guitars, the church’s drums the priest borrowed me only if I went to the mass (where I played metallica songs and no body knew :P)


I was born in a small town and always lived in the country side of Colombia, different locations but I’m definitely a country boy.

Moving to Bogotá, capital city of Colombia definitely opened my mind, helped me discover new things, new friends, a new life.

I got my first US$ 100 electric guitar and a 10W shitty amp when I was 19, it was a totally different world, I had only played acoustic so far and the highest distortion I had ever produced came from plugin my acoustic to an old stereo which speakers got slightly distorted at the highest volume.

Here, with internet, more musician friends and all the desire to become a rockstar, I started to practice and learn covers, mostly metallica songs (it’s my fav band if you haven’t noticed)

I then created a band called C+A+S (Ctrl + Alt + Supr) with whom I wrote my first songs. Some of those songs remain to this day. The band lasted about a year and we took different paths.

Then I started covering metallica in 2 different bands, Faraón (Pharaoh) first back in 2007 and Vulturous then in 2011. Vulturous is actually still there, we haven’t shut it down, we still pick some gigs at local bars.

My wife

She’s the one who keeps me grounded. She’s the one always worried about the future, the plans, the steps, the results. She’s my best decision ever, but… WHAT does she even have to do with my music?

…Well, I am here thanks to her, and here’s how:

I had spent years and years trying to form a band, that was my original dream and even a promise I had made to myself (and to some of my best friends). Having this idea of playing gigs every weekend, making music and writing songs with my closest and most beloved buddies was (still is, to be honest) my biggest dream.

But as time went by and frustration kept knocking at the door louder and louder, she insisted I do it all by myself. She knew I played all the instruments necessary to perform rock & metal songs, so she kept encouraging me to start writing, recording and putting all together to be the artist I’ve always wanted to be.

Now, that’s her role, that’s her importance, that’s why I chose her and I choose her every day.

Credits and thanks

Here are the guys who make my life easier and help me build this site

Artwork: Willow

Photos: Johag_

Photos: Mikecn24

Photos: Vulturous Metallica Cover Band

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